RGB Rubik's Cube Pyramid

$99.95 $149.95

A Visually Mesmerizing, Modern Piece Of Art

This is a newly designed cube RGB colorful table lamp, which is mainly made of acrylic material and laser engraving technology, making the whole more beautiful and fuller of artistic sense. The light is controlled by the button switch, and you can also use the touch remote control to control and adjust the color temperature, color, multiple color combinations, whatever you want!

And this lamp is suitable for all kinds of places. It can be placed in restaurants, hotels, home bedrooms, living room sofas and other places. It can also be placed next to when playing games to add atmosphere, and the game is more passionate!

✅ Dive into an endless realm of infinite lighting with the Infinity Cube.

✅ This magical lighting piece is a show-stopper, leaving you speechless at every glance.

✅ A perfect ambient light, or simply your home's centerpiece.

✅ Perfect as an ornament during the day and come to life at night.

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